Tri Hard.  Have Fun.  Help Kids Heal!

In 2012, one of our founders and a buddy thought it would be fun to do a sprint distance triathlon. They liked running, but didn’t want to take on a marathon; they liked riding bikes, but didn’t have the cash for fancy road bikes; and the swim just seemed like a nice change of pace. Turns out it was a ton of fun, and instead of feeling exhausted afterwards, they felt great. Afterwards they would eat, relax, and catch up. Then they figured it would be fun to have a bigger group, perhaps a party after. Later, they figured it would be a good idea to have the event not just be a workout and a party, but do something good for the community…

The Berkshire Tri’s humble, simple and happy beginnings can still be experienced at our annual event, which has grown steadily in ambition and size. And it’s not just about the race…hanging out with participants and attendees at the BBQ afterwards brings positive people with great attitudes together, and has forged life-long relationships.

As we try to create the most relaxed, fun and inviting environment, we also try to keep our purpose at the forefront: raising as much money as we can for brave children battling health issues. With every dollar we raise, we are giving a child with a serious illness the chance to feel like a kid again and families a home away from home. Every child deserves the opportunity to live a carefree life and for these children who were dealt a different deck of cards, it’s our mission to help.

John's Story

John Osinski, Sr. participated in every Berkshire Triathlon since its inception, either completing the Tri with his son, or, after his Leukemia diagnosis in 2021, cheering on his grandchildren in the Kids Fun Run.  John was an avid runner and biked to work everyday, so he appreciated the opportunity each year to do the Tri. But as John’s son describes, what he appreciated most is the energy of the Berkshire Triathlon—the positivity of the day. He was always moved by the testimonials of the families who Flying Horse Farms and the Ronald McDonald House work to serve. John enjoyed the Tri so much because he believed in supporting the work and service of Flying Horse Farms and the Ronald McDonald House.
 – John Jr.

Becca’s Story

My first year at the Berkshire Triathlon, I was just a spectator but I was very inspired by Frankie and his family to create a team the following year. I have gone from a three person team (only swimming) to a two person team (swimming and running) and now compete in all three legs of the race! I look forward to this fun event every summer!
 – Rebecca Liu

Mark's Story

I attended the Berkshire Triathlon a few years ago as a way to support my friends, who founded the event, not fully realizing what it was all about. However, I quickly came to see that it is an amazing, inspirational event that connects members of our community who have a passion for helping others. Each year the Berkshire Triathlon gets bigger and better and reaches more and more children in need of our help, right here in Columbus. I love the fact that this event is casual and fun. Whether you are cheering on those participating in the triathlon, competing as a first timer just trying to have fun, or you are a seasoned triathlete, this event is sure to inspire you to want to contribute and keep coming back.
 – Mark Walter